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An Unconventional Writing Workshop

to Explore and Share



(It’s simpler than you might think…)

Workshop 101: CREATING

These workshops, organized in 12-week seasonal “quarters,” are the foundation of the life stories process. In small groups, we focus upon discovering and creating our stories. Activities both in-workshop and between meetings build upon each other, so that you create an ever-growing body of your own writing. You also evaluate and choose the ultimate destination — autobiography, memory, story collection, blog, podcast, etc. — that best fits your individual goals.

Workshop 201: IMPROVING

These workshops, also organized into 12-week seasons, follow your completion of a manuscript draft. These workshops are about evaluating work to make it better. Rewriting, revising, editing — these are all about making our work say what we want to say, and to say it in our own, individual voices.

1-on-1 Sessions: FINISHING

There is great value in working in groups — in encouraging, in sharing and, when we share, in being both the writer and the critical reader. However, sometimes you also have individual goals and needs, especially when you are in the midst of a long project. That’s why we also meet in individual sessions that focus in depth on your work. These individual sessions will often run parallel to the workshops.

DESIRE, Part 1

I’m a student of DESIRE. I’m writing a series of short essays to share what I’ve discovered, and why I find it’s so valuable as a writer to focus on it, but it might help to begin with why I decided to study desire in the first place.

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